Our older son has enjoyed MYC with Christine for the past three years.  Her classes are always well prepared and organized, with appropriate pacing and a wide variety of keyboard, rhythm and listening activities that keep students engaged and interested.  Our son has really benefited from her content knowledge, from her composed demeanor and from her professional teaching style.  His experience has been so positive that his younger brother has also begun the Sunshine 1 class this year with Christine!                         - Jeremy & Manuela


I have been learning piano for 3 and a half years. When I first started I wasn’t the best player, but over the years I have learned and improved a whole lot and I couldn’t have done it without Christine.

She taught me right from the start, I didn’t know how to play piano and she helped me get better and better! Every year we have a recital and she knows just the right song for you to play, of course she’ll let you choose the song, and from there on she will work on it with you until the recital! Christine is very friendly and kind, she will tell her honest opinion and how to improve.                     - Mika


came to know Christine Hsiung while searching for a piano teacher for my 6-year-old, with no previous music experience. 

As an ex-musician myself I was greatly impressed with Christine's approach to teaching music. Using MYC method, in a very short time she managed to introduce all the necessary concepts like rhythm and reading music in a fun, dynamic way, very child-friendly. She expertly used games and tactile activities to reinforce the learned material. She was always friendly and up-beat, and also very patient. She pointed out mistakes in a gentle manner and never missed an opportunity to commend progress. 

Christine is a very capable and organized teacher. Her classes were always on time and there was a clear flow to them. My son loved the music-theory related games she played with him at the end of each class! 

Thank you, Christine :-)                         - Rysia


Both my young son and daughter have been in the Music For Young Children program for a number of years and I cannot speak highly enough about it, or about our teacher Christine. The MYC program is unique from other programs in that it uses multisensory teaching and learning activities to engage children in all aspects of music. In every lesson, children have several keyboarding practices, but also work through fun rhythm and listening activities, motivational and skill-building games, written and composition activities and experience with other instruments. Each lesson incorporates lots of physical movement, uses hands-on, multisensory materials, and shifts frequently between activities which keeps young children fully engaged and gives them a chance to learn in a variety of ways. Rather than having children spend an entire hour sitting at a keyboard, the classes are dynamic, and connect music to movement which makes it a joyful experience. Children learn from, and engage with others in their group, and class sizes are small so families get to know and support each other. And as a parent who has often wished I had learned music as a child, I have found that the parent participation part of the program has enriched my own life as I have learned the piano along with my children. Working together as we do our weekly practice has been a wonderful bonding opportunity and a chance for my kids to see that learning can happen at any time in life, and that practice is the key to success! 

Finally, it is out teacher Christine who makes the program really work. She has high expectations for each of her students in terms of practice, but is tremendously supportive and flexible in her teaching style. She is warm, funny, personable and very engaging with children, and respectful of parents' efforts in helping their children learn. She is full of ideas on how to make practices run smoothly, and always makes children feel good about their abilities even when they struggle. She treats children as individuals with their own strengths and weaknesses, and knows when to challenge them just a bit more, and when to reteach material. She also organizes opportunities for children to show off their skills at two recitals a year, and these have been amazing opportunities for my children to set goals, work at creating something to be proud of, and to build their confidence and self-esteem. I have unhesitatingly recommended this program to many friends and family members and will continue to do so in the future. It is one of the best music programs available to children, and Christine is a gifted and much valued teacher.

Well, there it is. I know its long and I've always been a person to run on at the mouth! Hopefully you can take the bits you need and leave the rest! Having said that, writing this out has reminded me of how very much I really have valued you, and the MYC program. You have brought music into our home and encouraged our entire family to develop new skills and move outside our comfort zones! Our lives are richer for the experience you have given us. Thank you.    -