Private Lessons at Christine’s Music

For a child of any age to become a student at Christine’s Music, an assessment interview with the parents/guardians and the child is conducted at the studio.  In addition, upon request, a short complimentary class will allow me to assess the student's level and aptitude.  Should the parents and I agree that private lessons will benefit the child the most, we enroll the child as such.

There is no single music tutoring style that fits all needs — every child is unique and may require a customized approach, goals and specific materials.  With the assistance of the parents, I will determine the goals of the parents and the child, and recommend the best approach to achieve these goals.

For parents who just want their child to learn for fun, I focus mainly on contemporary songs and music pieces that are simple and fun — there is always something to learn in each song or piece of music.  For a parent who requires a little more discipline and structure with a child, I utilize more on-finger techniques and classical repertoire pieces.  For a parent who wants a child to pass a music exam, I concentrate my efforts mostly on exam preparation.


At What Age Should Private Music Lessons Start?  

Private music lessons may start whenever the child is ready, which is most often from 5 or 6 years old.  

The unconditional support and guidance of parents and the music teacher, is crucial during this stage.  Some students do change their minds as they grow and become more confident — they may end up playing a different instrument much better than the one they started with.  Through the years we have noticed that most children love playing the piano, and the piano still remains the best instrument on which to learn to play music.  We therefore concentrate our efforts solely on private piano lessons.


How long should a music lesson last?

45 minute lesson is a good length to deliver a quality lesson without feeling rushed or drawn out.  This length allows student to be fully involved in the learning process.   30 minutes lesson is very common among beginners.  


Fee                     With sibling

30 minute - $30          $28 each student

45 minute - $40          $38 each student

1 hour - $55