Private Lessons at Christine’s Music

For a child of any age to become a student at Christine’s Music, an assessment interview with the parents/guardians and the child is conducted at the studio.  In addition, upon request, a short complimentary class will allow me to assess the student's level and aptitude.  Should the parents and I agree that private lessons will benefit the child the most, we enroll the child as such.

There is no single music tutoring style that fits all needs — every child is unique and may require a customized approach, goals and specific materials.  With the assistance of the parents, I will determine the goals of the parents and the child, and recommend the best approach to achieve these goals.

For parents who just want their child to learn for fun, I focus mainly on contemporary songs and music pieces that are simple and fun — there is always something to learn in each song or piece of music.  For a parent who requires a little more discipline and structure with a child, I utilize more on-finger techniques and classical repertoire pieces.  For a parent who wants a child to pass a music exam, I concentrate my efforts mostly on exam preparation.